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Content Development & Membership Engagement

There is no degree or field of study addressing the issue of membership engagement and referral generation, but a well thought out communication strategy relying heavily on content development may be part of the answer in winning over loyal members and acquiring new ones.

Your members do not only need nurturing but also a sense of belonging. You need to understand whether your goals, the goals of the organization and most importantly theirs are in alignment. In today's digital world, the information that you need is stored in your existing CRM or online community. And if not, make it part of your strategy to get out there and interview your members. Understanding what drives member behavior is half the battle. The data you collect will drive a personalized strategy and targeted messaging that speaks to the needs of the members and help you reframe your offerings.

A data driven content strategy should define the value proposition and direct your member benefit portfolio. It should also define execution and message frequency. Same as with your marketing funnel, your content should be modified to meet a multi tiered audience, apply broad strokes to increase awareness within a specific target group and develop variations of your message to address the needs of the layers that come after that.

Make sure that through your content strategy, you create opportunities for your audience to interact with the brand and learn more about the organization, ask questions and get a sense of belonging. Social media, blogging, creative asset development and a targeted email strategy coupled with a high frequency in person contact in every stage of the funnel can certainly amplify your engagement efforts and pay dividends in the long run.


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