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Business Goals, Content Strategy and the Indispensable Editorial Mission Statement

In a previous post, we touched upon building a content strategy before editorial planning. The distinction was not made to reduce the importance of editorial planning but rather to provide the reader with a sense of priority. In this post, we'll take the reader a step back. An exceptional content marketing strategy requires a thorough understanding of the organization, its mission and business goals. The goals of your content strategy should align with the objectives of the business. Do you know what the business goals of your organization are? How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your strategy in meeting these goals? I would start with an extensive review of the organizations goals and objectives. Prioritize the ones you can affect through content, identify and attach key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. Now is the time to involve editorial. In integrating editorial in your content strategy, you should know, understand and communicate its mission IN WRITING. According to the 12th Annual Content Marketing report, only 28% of B2B marketers have a documented editorial mission statement. Think of it as your guide to the heart and soul of your audience. The editorial mission statement should clearly indicate how you are going to get there, and what do you want them to do in return for the information you provide them. Do your research, identify your target audience, develop audience personas, use the information you gathered to complete your editorial mission statement. Having a better sense of content direction, work with editorial in identifying the type of content that will speak to the needs of your target audience while aligning with the objectives of your organization. And last but not least, put everything -your content plan inclusive of your editorial mission statement- IN WRITING. Next, we will discuss content inspiration that aligns with business goals.

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