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What comes first the chicken or the egg? Content planning or editorial.

Building a structure, any structure requires careful planning. Why would you do anything less to promote your organization, its mission and values? Many conversations with clients start with "I have a great writer" and end in "I am not sure that I am reaching the right audience and I don't know why." Well, you need to guide your editorial staff and support their work with the right strategy. The right content strategy should have four main components including understanding your audience and be able to express their needs and how they consume information-, be relevant and timely in speaking to your audience and don't be afraid to challenge as long as it sparks a positive conversation, organize your content in a manner that is well received and understood, and last but not least develop a multichannel approach with the right systems and processes in place. In subsequent posts, we will explore how to build a winning content strategy and the role of editorial planning in meeting the goals of your organization.


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